If you feel like your product deserves a better package to live in. Then please feel free to contact me. I get involved in every creative process necessary to make the best possible solution. From designing a logo, to helping you write your text (and translating it), to developing, designing and deploying a new graphic identity and getting your message out on multiple platforms.
I also have a large network of competent creatives who can take your photos, videos, writing, packaging, etc. - to the next level.
+45 29278627
If you have a project which you think I could be right for, please don't hesitate to contact me. My going rate is 450 DKK / hour (ca. 60 EUR) and my schedule is very flexible. Weekends, evenings and short notice - it's usually all possible.
However; as I'm a full time student I will from time to time have to decline projects. I am however very commited to anything I agree to do. Expect me to be punctual and professional in all my dealings.
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